Are you fascinated by the underwater world? Delve into the depths with our diving courses, from the most basic to the one that makes you a true professional. If you just want to try new sensations, you can do one of our diving baptisms. 

Cabo de Palos is located in a privileged enclave open to the sea. A place of passage for multiple marine species where you will want to stay as long as necessary. The Cabo de Palos Marine Reserve – Islas Hormigas is the most important, best known and visited by both national and international divers, since, in addition to the great fauna and great posidonia meadow that it has, it offers numerous historical sunken wrecks.




Do you want your water adventure to begin? 

If you come to Cabo de Palos or surroundings and want to do diving baptisms, we offer you the best option!

In this dive you will be able to feel the sensation of breathing underwater, see the mysterious world that the waters of the Mediterranean hide from us and enjoy a relaxing and fun activity. This activity consists of a dive directly into the sea from the shore with previous basic explanations of the activity. 

The maximum depth may be a maximum of 6 meters and the duration of the dive will be up to 60 minutes or until the diver reaches the reserve area of his air. 

We will take pictures of you so that you can take a nice memory of this day with you.

Requirements and recommendations

  • Edad mínima: 12 años con autorización.
  • Esta actividad nunca te certifica como buzo, es una experiencia.
  • Todo el equipo necesario está incluido.
  • Los menores de edad deberán venir acompañados

Duration of activity

  • 2 hours y 30 minutes apróx.
  • Up to 60 minutes underwater.


  • Individual Baptism: 85€
  • Baptism for two: 140€
  • More than 3 Baptism: Ask us


The student will learn the knowledge and techniques necessary to dive independently with a partner and without the supervision of a professional. The Open Water Diver course is divided into 3 parts.


We will do the theoretical part from home on our online platform, and once you are with us we will review all the knowledge and solve your doubts while we do the practical part of the pool.

It is composed of 5 topics, where the principles, procedures and general information of diving are established.

Once the 5 topics have been reviewed with your instructor, a final exam will take place in order to evaluate what has been learned.


This section seeks to reinforce and complement what has been learned in theory and become familiar with the diving equipment, carrying out activities in shallow waters.

Normally this section is done in two days (2 hours each day) in the event that the student needs more hours, it will be the instructor who will let them know.


In this section, 5 dives will be carried out in the open sea, from shore or boat depending on the sea conditions. The techniques learned in the pool will be repeated, adding some new exercises and gradually increasing the depth of the dive. 

We will distribute these 5 dives over 2 or 3 days, depending on the student’s time availability and sea conditions.


  • The minimum age for certification is 10 years (O.W. Junior), which must be met before completing the course and authorization from the father, mother or guardian.
  • Be in possession of a medical certificate that justifies that it is suitable for diving with autonomous breathing equipment issued in the 2 years prior to the enrollment of the course.
  • All necessary equipment is included.


  • 3 – 5 days approx.


  • Diving with a certified buddy and without the supervision of a professional while applying the knowledge and practices learned, within the limits of your training and experience.
  • Get air charges, scuba gear, and other services.
  • Plan, conduct and record open water no decompression dives accompanied by a buddy. 
  • Dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters. Graduates from 10 to 14 years old O.W. 
  • Junior may not dive deeper than 12 meters.


1 person: 445€

3 or more people: Ask us.